Enjoy smooth sailing all summer long by scheduling a service appointment today

The official start of summer is right around the corner, and we here at Performance Dodge are encouraging all of our customers and drivers around Woodbury, Camden, Cherry Hill, Mount Ephraim and Philadelphia to service your vehicle before you hit the road for memorable seasonal excursions.

Imagine running into car trouble on an exciting and relaxing family vacation? Or finding yourself without a working air conditioning system on a 90-degree day? Doesn't sound ideal. That's why taking a few hours out of your day to schedule a summer service appointment with our expert technicians is always a wise choice. Our team will take a peek under your hood and inside your vehicle to make sure everything's working properly so you can enjoy smooth sailing all summer long. We'll perform oil changes, tire rotations, front end alignments, battery tests, brake inspections, air conditioning tests and repairs, install new windshield wipers and so much more. We'll also repair any part of your vehicle that's damaged and replace any parts that need replacing. Whatever it takes to get your car back on the road in prime condition for the summer season, we'll make sure it's done properly.

You can schedule a service appointment today on our website, by calling us or by stopping into our dealership whenever you'd like to. We look forward to helping you make the most out of the upcoming summer season.

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