Learning How Easy Charging a Car Battery Can Be

Performance Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram is committed to helping motorists to get maximum value out of their vehicle investment. Here are some simple tips for charging the battery in your car.

Before charging, make sure the charge is off and it is not plugged into an outlet.

Open the hood of your vehicle, find the battery, then locate the positive and negative terminals. They may be under a protective plastic cover, so remove the cover to identify the two terminals.

Place the red cable off the battery charger on the end of the battery marked with a plus sign.

Put the black charging cable to the end of the battery marked with the minus sign.

Be sure both cable are secure to each terminal.

Plug the battery charger into the electrical outlet, then turn the power of the charger on.

The charger should stop after a full charge, check your owner's manual to be certain.



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